Removable Prosthodontics

At the practice we offer all types of denture treatment. We can provide replacement of your existing complete and partial dentures copying those aspects which you like, to give you the appearance you desire. We work closely with our experienced dental technicians in Harley Street to provide the highest quality dentures.

We will advise you on all alternative treatment options when dental extractions (removal of teeth) are necessary. If you have concerns about having dentures, particularly if you are a first time wearer, we will steer you sympathetically through what can be a difficult psychological experience. There is no need to be without your front teeth at any stage and with careful preparation dentures can be inserted immediately after extractions.

Many of our denture wearers are helped enormously with implants (see previous information) which can help stabilise and retain dentures so they don’t move around. The dentures attach to the implants with studs or clips and can still be removed by you for cleaning. However, sometimes our denture wearers replace their dentures completely with fixed implant bridges just like natural teeth.

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